La Cosecha Comunicación


We understand communication as a participatory tool for social transformation, which is fundamental as a way to keep our communities alive and empowered. We want to provide a more sensitive and conscious vision in the transmission of social messages, building new codes, new narratives and new ways of relate with each other.

Some projects:

Participatory Video Workshops: Thinking, looking at and recreating our environment through audiovisuals as a proposal for social action to promote, carry out and disseminate decentralized audiovisual processes and products as tools for empowerment.

Clube Intercultural Europeu


Clube Intercultural Europeu (Clube) is a non-profit association that was founded in 1998. The association works in the fields of youth, education, training, and employment. 
More specifically, Clube’s projects have two dimensions:
community (local) with grassroots actions in priority
neighborhoods in Lisbon’s metropolitan area, and European (e.g.mobility) with projects in cooperation with European Union countries. This is done to promote the participation, empowerment, and social inclusion of children, young people, and adults in vulnerable situations, by enhancing their potential and using it as a resource/tool for change within the community and society.

Fondazione Emmanuel


Fondazione Emmanuel, based in Lecce (Italy), is an expression of Comunità Emmanuel which, since 1992 has dealt with reception, accompaniment, and social inclusion of people in risk of exclusion (migrants, unemployed, disabled people, minors, families, etc.).

All the initiatives developed during these years have as objective to promote solidarity, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, international cooperation, the non-violent solution to conflicts and Peace.

Recognising diversity in today’s world is a wealth and poverty has multidimensional aspects, we believe and improve the “OSMOSIS process” as an interchange, inter-dialogue between the different cultural and religious nuances of people.

The institutional task is to encourage and support people from Southern Italy, Southern Europe, and Southern World, creating possibilities and providing the right tools for the self-empowerment. Together we will promote Social Justice, Charity, Human rights and Christian mercy, in response to the social inequalities that afflicts the world, with particular attention to migrants and other populations, near and far, that more suffer the imbalances of the planet.

Fractals Educació Artística


We are a cultural association from Valencia, Spain. We develop socio-cultural projects. Since 2017 we have been working on feminism, interculturalism and community development through different artistic tools.

Multidisciplinary team made up of professionals from the social, cultural and artistic fields.

Working with young people through art has always been very important for the entity, so we research and design specific projects for this audience, stressing that young people are diverse and that we have to work from many perspectives and tools that adapt to their languages: photography, video, artivism, urban art, etc.

At European level we are leaders of the Books with life project. This ended with a guide that analyses the context of migrant youth and shares different methodologies that use art as a tool to promote interculturality.

At local level: We develop projects for young people to become artistic producers so that they themselves can communicate who they are, what they need, what changes they want in the society in which we live, so that they can be active agents. We have carried out projects for different entities: youth centres, museums, NGDOs, etc. Using tools such as photography, video, muralism, collage, fanzine, psychogeographic mapping, etc. for this purpose.

Intereuropean Human Aid Association



Texnodromo | Tεχνοδρομώ


The Non-Profit Association “Technodromo” was established by people of the arts with the
common goal of applying the art of theater and, consequently, all other arts involved in it
(dance, music, visual arts, etc.) in socially excluded groups. Theater in principle, as a process of
creating a role, presupposes the detection of our inner world and our primary emotions. The
internal processes and reactions to the external stimuli we receive. It also cultivates
cooperation between people. It is, in short, a give and take with the world around us and within
us. A means to find the path of self-knowledge and our social integration and conciliation, a
window to the world. We strongly believe that art is something very useful for people who have
found themselves on the sidelines of society (prisoners, immigrants, children under protection
and special living conditions, dependents, people with disabilities, etc.).
In our 14 years of operation we have gained significant experience in vulnerable and socially
excluded groups. Through art (theatre, music, dance, visual arts) we work with the aim of
activating the body, spirit and imagination of our beneficiaries so that they can be empowered
to actively participate in communal and social life. Our main target groups are prisoners,
homeless people, people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees. Our trainers and partners
have developed the knowledge and flexibility to adapt their techniques in order to devise the
proper approach. We also maintain a wide network of partners both in the artistic community
(drama therapy, psychodrama, yoga, vocal) and the scientific community (psychologists,
psychiatrists, social workers).