Lagkadikia Documentaries

Women's voice

 Clara and Maab tell us about rural women in Mabrouka, Sudan and send a powerful message demanding a change in the conditions and social rights of these women in their territory.

Education Is Power

Through three young refugees in a small town in northern Greece, we reflect on the importance of acquiring knowledge and skills such as learning a new profession, a new language, or cooking for oneself. Education is an essential tool to make a new stage in life possible, with autonomy and optimal living conditions.

Learning to cook ends dependence on others for your own food. Learning a language allows you to establish relationships with those around you and open new doors. Learning a trade provides job opportunities, taking control of your future.

That’s why education is power.

Yazidi boys

Yazidi Boys is a short documentary film produced for the European Project “With your own voice” in 2023. Join three young Yazidi men as they bravely recount their harrowing experiences surviving the genocide of their people in 2014. With courage and resilience, they strive to preserve the memory of their community’s suffering and resilience by creating one of the first comprehensive narrations of the Yazidi people’s story in Iraq. Through their poignant recollections, the documentary aims to amplify their voices and raise awareness of the atrocities endured by the Yazidi community, while honoring their quest for justice and remembrance.


This story is dispatch into three different people with different views but the same journey. A journey they took for peace, freedom, justice of which is still on process and not yet achieved. 


The following documentary is based on the memories of three people who moved from their homes to a new place in search of a better life.

It contains graphic descriptions of the violence they suffered. 

Viewer discretion is advised.