With Your Own Voice

Get to know the project

With Your Own Voice is a European project that aims to empower culturally diverse migrant youth through audiovisual tools in participatory video workshops. In this case, to create documentaries to express their realities.

In this platform, you can find a guide to apply this methodology to your own project as well as the documentaries made by youngsters from all over the world in workshops held in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.



Unleash Your Creativity

With Your Own Voice encourages you to express your own story through documentary filmmaking. We believe that everyone has a unique and valuable perspective that deserves to be shared. Our workshops empower you to learn the skills necessary to bring your vision to life, no matter your background or experience. Join us in changing the narrative and amplifying diverse voices through the power of film.

How did we test the methodology?

During the project, we have been facilitating workshops hand in hand with audiovisual experts. During these workshops, the participants got the opportunity to learn both theoretical and technical knowledge about documentary filmmaking to work on their ideas. Through a democratic process of selection, we chose from the topics proposed for the participants and split into groups to develop their ideas and shoot their documentaries. 

During the process, participants get empowered and learn the force of the audiovisual tool as a way to change narratives.

After having tested the methodology with 20 different groups, we proceed to create the methodological guide that is now being tested so you can use it for free very soon to apply this methodology in your community.