Lecce documentaries


Dreams is a short documentary produced for the European Project “With your own voice” in 2023. Follow the journey of four young Gambian men as they traverse across Africa in search of a better life in Europe. Amidst the challenges and perils of their voyage, they ultimately find themselves in Lecce, Italy, where they now seek political asylum. Reflecting on their experiences, the documentary explores their hopes for the future as they navigate life in a new country, striving to build a brighter tomorrow.

Routes migratoires

This documentary is based on three personal stories about the migratory journey to reach Europe. They have a message for the people who welcome and for all those who begin and will begin this transit.

Sankara’s ambition

Sankara’s Ambition tells the story around migration and the path to get documents, of different people in the region of Foggia.

The documentary was made in Ghetto Out-Casa Sankara, a volunteer organization that from 2016 aims to keep the work started by a group of African migrants (as an informal group) in 2012. This group wanted to create an alternative reality to the ghetto where they could live and initiate a legal and decent journey of social and economic inclusion. 

C'est l'afrique qui gagne

“Even if you were born into a poor family, your name is not Poverty”

This is what this song composed by several young people from countries like Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Guinea Conakry says.

Through percussion rhythms, singing, and dance, the pride of belonging to Africa and carrying its culture within is reclaimed. For the message to be fully understood, two of its composers explain the most important concepts.

This is a message of hope for people starting a new life in Europe.